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Female Body Image, What Do Men Prefer?

What do men prefer?
A female that’s tall & slim OR short & slim… Tall & chubby OR Short & chubby? Basically, which one is a good combo that MOST men look for? All men (Black, White, Asian, Hispanic) ETC
Tall 5’7 – 6’0 over ___ Short 5’0 under – 5’6

5 Responses to “Female Body Image, What Do Men Prefer?”

  1. Eric says:

    Naked is best

  2. Exeter says:

    Short and slim, because I’m short for a man. Men generally prefer to have a shorter girlfriend just like women generally prefer to have a taller boyfriend, so it only makes sense for me to prefer the shorties. That doesn’t mean tall girls are always unattractive to me, though. Short and chubby. See above for reasons.

  3. Rebecca says:

    Eric answered best LOL my husband says the same thing. Also if you are thinking exactly the type, most men i’ve talked to prefer women that do NOT look like skelator 🙂

  4. B0uncing says:

    A woman that is in proportion to her size, height, or weight. Any woman can look attractive, if she is in proportion.


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